Saturday, December 15, 2007

Once upon a Snowday

Yesterday was a day of much snow about 8" or so. The kids were kept home. It was Mertz who was sick with asthma and Alina was made to stay home cause I had a feeling I wasn't going to be able to get her (walk like I always do) from school if there was an early release..which there was after all! So Alina played hookey and we went to the mall to get her a new backpack since the zipper on hers busted--lets hope the new one doesnt bust only after a few months. I would have been able to fix the old zipper if it wasn't the cheap craftsmanship!! There's really nothing to sew it to cause its a vinyl type fabric that's been snarled from the zipper from opening and shutting as it has been getting stuck on it. On our travel in to the mall we revisited this kiosk that sells joke toys and games and such. The last occassion we stopped by the kids really wanted to purchase some of the joke stuff, namely a type of candy that said to make a stink in your mouth like a fart or something like that. The words "Farting candy" is printed on the packaging. Two pieces of candy wrapped in red cellophane. All the ideas of what this stuff was going to make someone do was getting us all giddy to the point of laughter! Alina wanted to trick Pa, but it was purchased as a gift to give to Mertz so it was left up to him what he would do with it. We got home and Mertz was in the Living room with Pa and with asthma its not like he's sitting there totally run down, although it could get that way, but he was doing okay and we let him open the bag giggling to ourselves as he kept asking what is it? He burst out laughing remembering how much he wanted to get this stuff the day we last visited the mall weeks ago. "I'm going to give it to my friend Brendan!" he blurted out. Logan and I advised him that it wouldn't be such a good idea to give it to your friend but to someone he's been having a hard time with---a relaxed way of giving back! Mertz has one boy in particular that he's had tension with all school year and was told to stay away from, and I've even met the kid and didn't like his rudeness! Today, when he went to school it was done. You can see him tell his story on at so you can get first hand his "giving" his own back to this kid in a suttle way. By the way, one candy was experimented with beforehand at home. We opened one up and crushed it in a baggie so everyone could get a piece of it and it was YUCKY!! Mertz, Alina and Pa had some but lets just say it didn't stay long in any of their mouths (Logan stated it tasted like a very strong black licorice)!! I had a good laugh watching them all, and that's when we agreed Mertz should hand over the last candy to his arch-enemy, hehehe!!