Friday, July 31, 2009


Mertz playing video games

Alina with Amy's kids at the same Pool I once swam in

Alina and Kealeigh her best friend downstairs

Alina proudly on her Bike!
This summer has been going well. I'm working, and the kids are enjoying almost daily trips to the pool only 7min away with a waterslide and lots of fun! I don't miss going to the ocean, okay I guess I do, but it beats sand in my shorts and all the endless sea of bathing suits that I would wish to cover my kids' eyes over!! The kids are enjoying the cat, our neighbors and all the visitors that come by! It has been a joy and not much of a boring summer after all! I'm glad that we get along with the neighbors and their friends cause it sure beats all the negative energy if we didn't get along (as was the case in our old apartment). And of course the kids love the neighbor's cat who comes up to enjoy our company on our porch. We bought our cat a scratch pad with catnip in it and he's not at all crazy for it, but our neighbor's cat comes up and gets crazy with it!
Wednesday night was hanging out and talking of all sorts of things, and having a great time! I thoroughly enjoy having a spot out of the house to sit at and have long conversations and there are no bugs, well, except for a beetle that joined Logan and I the night before the size of the roundness of the larger sized spoon, the thing was huge!!! And it crackled when it flew to the nearest light bulb! It was the largest beetle I have ever seen in my entire life!! The kids were out with us talking of just ordinary things and goings on, but as the conversation got more deeper in nature, it was time for bed for the kids, 11pm is a good time on summer nights for bed! They were off to bed and we were up a few more hours. The great thing about not having to get up in the morning for work....I think I slept in till 9:30am the next morning...I don't remember the last time I slept in so late without waking up any earlier! I was glad the kids weren't impatient with me for breakfast as they figured they could serve themselves a bowl of cereal or even salad (?) as Alina chose! LOL!
I'm glad that Logan may be picking up some more students and keeping ones over into the school year, that started new in the summer. Trying to find 'extra' work outside of teaching has been a very difficult road since everyone else is trying to do the same! Soooo many businesses are cutting back, as it turns out the population of job seekers has been flooding the job hunt and making it almost and very close to impossible to get a full-time job as many are only hiring part-time and even they tell him he's overqualified. Beggars can't be choosers but they are in the case of jobs. So things are tight and are still managing to do some things on the 'wish list' before summer ends. We've been to the Currier Museum of Art, the SEE Center, and I had my yard sale to name just a few; making it almost everyday to Livingson Park has been making all the difference as that is all they want to do, but when it rains we've been keeping them entertained with other adventures! It is disappointing that Logan had to deny his trip to go to England this summer, which would have happened in just about a week from now....we are deeply saddddddd. My vent; One roadblock is and has been our curse. I get so frustrated, here, I have a very talented husband, very intelligent, many love him and his presence and yet we are unable to move in ways where we should be able to. Oh yes, and I'm the "queen" the woman who puts up with all the 'Gabriel Man' stuff. (That, by the way is a very real and intimate joke between us women married to them Gabriel men, its like they are a certain kind of breed) In addition, there is a certain 'kind' and 'patient' woman, a woman with great strength who ultimately reach many levels of courage she never had before being beside a Gabriel, either that or we morph into an ugly beast who didn't know what reared such an ugly head! That is too friggen funny, I love that, hopefully I don't fall into that category!
I have not fully decided but I'm kicking around the idea of getting a tattoo. I love watching the tv show LA Ink. I love Kat who runs the shop, she is so strong-headed and yet so sweet. I am limited to where to get one because of my be I won't make any decisions final until summer is over and I've got some extra moolah to play with.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I have come to the blog site to share with you, if interested, some very exciting videos that have enlightened me. I just have to say I love science! I love the new things we can learn each day from it! I remember once, a very long time ago, in an evening before bed, we may have just got done watching a sci-fi Maybe "The Last Starfighter" and the discussion was brought up that outerspace goes on and on forever and what if life is 'all just a dream?' said Dad, and this may have also been said; that we aren't really who and what we think we are. That freaked me out and really warped (not in a bad way, however) my ideas of what reality is in thinking like that....and here it is, life is what we create in a very big sense by way of the ideas brought up in the successive videos all in what we know in quantum Physics. I find this extremely deeply interesting, and that we all have our own perceptions. That was another conversation I remember with Dad too was maybe you don't 'see' some other things around us in the world; in life, the same or even not understand (fill in the blank) and not "see" it physically any part of it, even at all, even when it is right in front of our face! Maybe this will interest you as it does me and start a dialogue of sorts...
What the Bleep do we kNow? Part 1 of Many
"What the bleep do we know: Down the Rabbit Hole (part1)"
"The Reality as you Know it does not exist"
"Tour through reality"

Monday, July 20, 2009

We have moved to Manchester!!! So far, we are loving the 5-10 min commute to our jobs, and being able to bike around town (Mertz suffered a concussion not too long ago on his, but has turned out okay) That was scary, but I took him to the ER got him a CAT scan and everything turned out that he'll recover in no time and he has since it has been about two weeks now. I got to stay home from work and take care of him and it was a much needed break from work. Our apartment is nice, with a few quirks that are on the fix list, but we are most happy with the place, the space as I quote "goes on and on" it is big! I finally got a 5' table to put in my bedroom to use to make things :) The den has become the workout room and the guitar lesson room; so I'm staying clear of it!
We have a wonderful new cat we rescued, he came with his own name, Sammy and he's got a very cool laid-back personality. Last night he got outside, I had been working, don't know exactly who put him out, but he's an indoor cat.... When I came home I socialized on our balcony with our neighbors who live below us, so it was late by the time I realized he was missing, I couldn't sleep till I found him, 1am in the morning I took a small drive to look for him with no luck, I know, I'm crazy, and prayed, looked out the window a few minutes later, and he was walking in the yard, I called out to him and he meowed,as if to say "I know, I'm in trouble" and I went out and swooped him up and brought him inside. I didn't want to lose him! Logan told me b4 I found him, "he's a cat, he'll come home" but I didn't want Sammy to become mushed meat on the road....
Since the sun became known in our region again, HAHAHA we went looking for a place to go swimming, and wow did we discover it with a nice water slide, showering water in the pool itself and water fountians. Livingston Park is the best kept secret from the dirty Mexicans! I hear that many of the nice parks that used to be nice are getting worse by illegals as they leave their trash and behave erratically. I hate to sound racist but I cannot stand people of any color or race that pollute our nice state and the areas within that are to be enjoyed. At Livingston there were decent people there all having a great time, no loud music rumbling in the midst, just nice quiet happy people! Not to mention it is close to home and it is free! We do want to get to a water park or the beach before the season is over and I have other 'want to do' lists. For now, we enjoy the little things like Livingston Park which is close to home.