Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Logan and I have been attending the Episcopal Church. I read that the Pope has welcomed Anglican faith to join in with the Roman Catholic Church to get away from the gays and women priests. And an article stated "During his sermon at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Salem yesterday, the Rev. Paul B. Bresnahan said the Catholic Church was essentially offering itself as a “safe refuge for bigotry,’’ and he “must respectfully decline’’ the pope’s invitation.

“This really sends a terrible message to the gay community, as well as to women, which is half the population of the world,’’ he said in a phone interview. “It’s about time we embraced these folks in a kinder, gentler way than we are now.’’
" and then,"Outside Trinity Church in Copley Square, Lindsey Weeramuni of Jamaica Plain questioned the Vatican’s overture, saying that one of the reasons she attends that Episcopalian church is because it is so inclusive.

“If all of God’s children are just that, why are some more deserving of God’s love than others, in the eyes of one particular church?’’ Weeramuni asked."
BRAVO!! Having lived under a cult for so long, Episcopalians have got alot of things right. I don't exactly agree with the gay community, but they need to have a belief in something greater than themselves. I however, have a difficult time with the religious aspect of their intents as God intends for a man and a woman to wed, but for me, as long as they aren't pushing that lifestyle in the ceremony/sermon of the church than they are welcome in my eyes. As far as the women priests are concerned, I don't have a problem at all with a woman priest, us women do just a good job as anyone else if not better! HEhEHE
Another argument I see in the case of the quoted article is that I'm a bigot if I go to this church!? O dear! The religious war rages! I'm still a newbie at being a part of this new religious community I've chosen, the path may not end here, but its wayy better than where I've been.
I feel like I've reunited with my spunky 13yr old self these days, for the first time; wrapping my lips around a cigarillo and enjoying a slow, aromatic wonder. Kissing the lips of my husband after he's had a cigar or pipe...his lips tastes sooo good! Having some wine after a chaotic day is something I had never experienced before but now for almost a year, its lovely! I don't drink or have a smoke every night its a bit much if that was the case, nor do I lose myself, but to the point of enjoyment is all that is sufficient. I don't know why I see this as a 13yr old thing, but around that time in my life I was awakened so to speak. I was becoming a woman as early as then, and I felt a change about me never before, and even today, I'm still continually a changed woman and feeling great about who I am and the family that I have created since 12 years ago. I have faced a lot of criticism over the years. And comments like "you have changed" I've been hearing that for a while and I get the feeling that it was for the worse and people felt bad for me, etc. I was changing, sure, who doesn't?? The past hasn't all been a cheery ride and therefore in the defenses of times of hardship, sure, one changes, how can one not?? Change, I hate how Obama cheapend that word, urgh don't get me going! I have chosen to climb out of the box and have been seeing more and doing more and being more and I know there is still room for improvement...So now I'm going to put the post up and have a mudslide--yum!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yesterday was quite interesting with the kids. A day or so before this, Mertz came to me and matter-of-factual came up to me and said, 'You and Pa ARE Santa cause there's no way Reindeer have a special formula to fly (something we used to tell them) and a big guy can't go around the whole earth in one night.' OKAY, the childhood belief is off! I got Logan in the room and I told Mertz to repeat to him what he said to me; knowing that Alina and Mertz are close and talk about things together, I got everyone in the same room and confirmed what they already knew, (and had known for a while)The kicker was the handwriting on the tags, though I tried my hardest to mask my handwriting all these years! It also was a relief for Logan and I in a way. But we got to talk of all the years of hiding and secrets and all the things Logan and I did for them to surprise them. It was nice to talk about it and get their feelings about it. Neither was upset, it was just confirming what they already knew....smart kids!! Christmas will be different and real! Logan and I said to them, still, 'we believe' and hope that they will still want 'Santa' to sign his name and not share the secret to other little kids, that, I know I can depend on!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Early last week just a couple days after my last post, our newest cat, Sammy somehow got outside! Ususally he greets me when I get home late at work and that night there was not a peep of him. I may have seen him out the window and he stopped when I called his name from our second floor apt. but when I went out to catch the young beast, he was gone in a flash! The kids woke up the next morning to hear the somber news. School was a wash, we spent most of the morning creating small posters of Sammy and walked several blocks around our neighborhood to post them. Still he is gone. On the flip-side we were offered some kittens and unsure if Sammy would resurface again into our lives we accepted two new kitties coming from a friend this time. Two little females all black...just in time for Halloween!! One looks like she'll have longer hair than the other so Alina named her "Poofy" and Mertz named the other one w/ shorter fur, "Moosashi Kitty". Today I found some poop not in the litter box...naughty kitty....! Very playful as are all kittens, one got tangled up today in my couch cover, Alina thought the cat was her 'other shoe' as we were leaving to get me off to work. Well guess what? The little kitten got herself into a pickle!!
Right now Poofy is laying on my back sleeping soundly all curled up...I just love it!
So I dusted off my video camera, that I thought was broken several months ago, as it wasn't focusing as I maneuvered the T-W button to zoom in and out. As I looked at it again, it isn't broken after all and works fine! Imagine that! I am now relieved and can take videos again of the kids and so on, and of our new apartment just hoping Mertz would clean up his room so I can do that!

^so since this post the kittens names have changed; Moosashi is now Jenna (not named after my cousin) Mertz just picked it from somewhere and Poofy is now Sakura which in Japanese means "apple blossom" I don't know which cat it is yet but neither of them are getting good on the kitty litter, one keeps pooping and peeing outside of the litter box I went from a hooded litter box and kept that one standing and now i've got a 3and a half tall box out of cardboard lined with a kitty litter liner and still it isn't curing the issue since I thought it was the height of the hooded box that was the issue but appearently not.....urgh....I want my trained cat back.....Sammy.....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I have been purging so many items of my past that I'm feeling a bit lighter. I had a lot of magazines, some useless awards, an old trophy I found that I recieved as a youngster when I did some great piano stuff. The kids were so amazed that even their mom got a trophy for doing something. They just couldn't believe it! I got rid of so much old stuff that means nothing to me now, and renewed my acquaintance with a few other items. The crap that I carried over the years~~If there was an award I'd be getting one that said 'Best Crap Collector' Usually, I keep tidy but I had to go thru it as my life is changing and doesn't need things from last century that beats me down...I found some cool quotes that I used to keep on...I also found a fortune teller card I once got and it really spoke to me and reading it again for the first time in 20 years really called out again to me!!

Me & My Crazy Wig

I've always wanted a different hairstyle without the visit to the hairdressers and now that its Halloween, a cheap wig with a cheap 80's look never looked so ridiculous on me!!! Better save up for a more realistic wig with a better style! But the truth is, after I purchased this one, I walked around the mall with it on for a half hour with the kids in tow and they were seeing everyone's jaw dropping reaction to my really overly exaggerated hairstyle! :) I'm always in for a good laugh. With the pictures I did my signature Leah crazy attempt to be a goof and or serious poses as I've always wanted to be a model. BAWHAHAHAHA!!!