Friday, February 26, 2010

I have been making it to work and making the best of it. I go to Physical Therapy, and I don't know, its not exactly going all that well. $30 just for the co-pay, it is insane, that's one compliant, another is that I don't know if they are really helping, some days I've come out of there hurting for a few days, I try to take it 'easy' but that's not so easy to do. I can't just sit around. I may end up relying on a chiropractor to get some release of my bones being twisted up.
Soon we won't have to be borrowing my mother-in-law's car and we will be soon to owning our own, that's good news. Since we've been borrowing, we have had to help with getting her axles repaired, something that needed to get done before we needed to borrow her car, and when I had to drive to Boston to pick up Logan at the airport, I thought the axles were going to bust, my heart was sinking in my stomach as I drove, hoping I wasn't going to have a breakdown in her car IN BOSTON!! That would have SUPER SUCKED!!! I don't recall ever having that heart-racing-sick-to-my-stomach feeling while driving as I did that night! The destination was made, and I prayed with all my might that we'd get home safe! Needless to say, we drove home at the very slow speed of 45mph as opposed to my normal 75mph. It was a much longer ride home and having picked up Logan at 12:45am, it was not until almost 2am that we returned back home safely in our beds. Three nights later we trekked up north for a much longer drive in the same axle cracked car so Logan could play guitar at a paying venue. And we had to return the same night, again getting home quite late, though the roads in NH are wAAAyyy better kept than MA and the car could tell too cause it was barely rattling so we were going a bit faster more like 55/60mph on our way home. We got home at 1am or so...another late night!
One adventure after another I must say! We split the cost helping Logan's mom's car since we were driving it full-time. I am thankful that she is able to let us use her car, even though she hates the fact that we eat in her car. One day, she was getting a ride from us so she could go to the store and she was wiping down the rear-view mirrors on the outside of the car cause they 'were too dirty with salt'! ????? Its in the middle of winter, you've got to expect that, I mean really????? There's nothing wrong with wanting your car clean, but it was the way she began with it, cleaning the mirrors and the windows with baby-wipes, and making things even worse! I had to then go to a gas station and properly wash the windows with the proper cleaning agent for outdoor use. Oh she can be a little screwed up in the head, she then made us go to a car wash and the whole thing...I swear its a control issue with her. Some things she does that drives me absolutely crazy, but she would never do it in front of Logan. Elderly mother-in-laws......