Sunday, June 22, 2008

New links I've added

So I've posted here-------->
some new pages of Logan and his myspace sites that include much of his own compositions that he's recorded the second listing is of a recording of his old band that really had a tight sound and great material for a record deal (which we hope someday will happen) and even some hit songs--listen for yourself if you don't mind the music doing the "talking" for itself. The first listing is really a preview of an upcoming CD and two original pieces that Logan has written for flute and guitar. The woman should be me in those pictures but so goes the life of a musician! I teased Logan bad how I'd like to crop myself next to him in some cute little dress too! Nothing really, but I will say that she's Alina's flute teacher. And one more item of funny business with this flutest; at a yankee swap at a party we attended with about 50 other people, she ended up with one of our silly gifts of a garden nome bending over pulling his pants down so you could see its behind LOL!!!! She owns it somewhere in that farmhouse of hers!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Drive In movie Experience

Went to the Milford Drive in for the first time together as a family and the first time in an extremely long time for both Logan and I-- in fact I don't even think Logan and I even went before kids--EVER! When we went it was on their celebratory weekend of being in business for over 30 years. Many things on the menu were priced at .50 things like hot dogs, small popcorn, Slurpee's, and well I don't remember the rest but the list wasn't that long compared to what they serve. But hey where can we go and get a hot dog again for that kind of price? Alina and I stood in line for about an hour just to get our snacks/hot dogs and drinks. As you can imagine everyone was flocking to the snack stand before the movie started. And even the line to the bathrooms was unbelievable! Another 15 minutes for the girls room and no waiting for the boys room. We saw Kung Fu Panda and the other movie was the new Indiana Jones movie of which we didn't stay for (I was upset to find out that the auxiliary on the ignition wasn't working without it beeping without end so we actually had to put the battery/starter on which is a no no unless you want to drain the battery) Needless to say I was a bit ticked off cause I was looking forward to see Harrison Ford's sweet bod on the silver screen (and I don't care if he's old!!). Otherwise it was truly a new movie experience for everyone--oh and not to mention it was the hottest weekend on record so of course we were somewhat miserable without indoor air conditioning and Logan vowed we wouldn't be doing this again. Live and learn. I'm glad we did it anyways for the memories and for the funny movie of Kung Fu Panda. experience