Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We have finally got a new vehicle!! But in the very near future I'm going to need a second one. My PT has done their thing and now I'm seeing the chiropractor! He is doing what I think I needed most of all all along and I am feeling better. I'm not afraid of driving since the accident, but more afraid of lifting weights and doing the physical things. PT told me to take it slow and do half the weights I was doing prior to the accident. Things are looking up since I've retreated to the "bone cruncher". We have a gym in our basement of the apt building with an Olympian Weight bench and weights, some dumbbells a heavy bag and a "wooden dummy" to work some Mook Yang Jong techniques, I spelled it how it sounds, but its a good training tool. I'm going to get back on the wagon and do some walking, either out doors or at work on the treadmill that sits in my client's basement. I'm sooooo spoiled at her house when I have down time. I have a beautiful wall to wall sun room from floor to ceiling to look out at the funny squirrels and birds in the landscape, I've got 900 channels/on Demand on her new cable package, put in over the weekend, the treadmill; and outside of that I don't know what else could be better! The food I bring, if any, could be better, but I get paid to hang out, cook, clean, and feed and do full care which is not very hard at all. I am the envy of all--Home away from home. My boss is nice, I rarely deal with her, and I have not too many toads to releave (some just dont do any of the cleaning in the 8-12hrs) I don't get that, you must be extremely lazy if you cant do a load of 15 dishes in THE DISHWASHER or a small load of laundry, some people are real nimrods---What DO THEY DO ALL SHIFT???? I like the accommodations of being there too, but there comes a time when you have to move and do things too, which is why we get a paycheck and why she pays the company we work for so much money!!!