Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sewing and Biking

I'm currently making a quilt for Alina as a surprise for her birthday! I wondered how I was going to pull this off without her knowing since most days she's in school and I'm sleeping...well I decided I'd take it to work with me. I figured that that was the best idea! So when I'm on break I pull out the project and work on it and its been working out fine. So far I've cut the pieces and now on to getting the pieces of the quilt sewn together. It should be done in but a few more nights at most. Finding this quilt pattern was perfect timing. It has been almost two weeks ago that I went and purchased the fabric which was all on sale!! The quilt did I mention, is going to be in the shape of a butterfly when finished? It should turn out nicely and to know she has no idea I'm making it is a real treat. Its not really the kind of quilt to use so much when one goes to bed but it could be put on a made bed. Its my first machine-made quilt.

So as some of you know, I use a site called Freecycle which has many people in my area signed up to recycle any used and unwanted stuff. I requested a bike specifically for Alina since she grew out of hers, I got a response quite quickly of one! I was so excited cause I've requested some other things that didn't get a response at all. So I responded to the offer. They described it as not being used very much by their daughter and in great condition. I picked that up today in excitement cause I couldn't wait to see Alina's face when I give it to her for a surprise! However, to MY surprise, it was a 15speed Mountain bike! Not my first choice for a young girl Alina's age. In fact its big enough for me!! I was saddened that it isn't suitable for her and that she may be upset that she doesn't have a bike. I look at it this way, she knew I wanted a working bike, and have been quietly looking for one for me to exercise with this summer, so she really doesn't have any idea who it was supposed to be for. When I came home with the bike she really was happy to see I have a nice new bike! She wasn't thinking of herself at all! I know I'll have to looking again. A free bike for me! Yipee!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Logan and I amid some of our downs, are having some good alone times, laughing and making jokes! It feels so good when we are together sharing these moments! I know a lot of times its so crazy and upsetting! We really do and still enjoy one another and I really soak up these moments! Who wouldn't? I was telling him about a dream that I had (and many of you know my dreams can be quite goofy at times) it was a dream that we were at a castle, many people were gathered there and all waiting for Logan to arrive. I was in with the crowd with the kids and we also were acting like everyone else and not as the "wife and kids". After a while the press wanted to talk to me about my "famous" husband and so I did...don't remember that part all too well...but after that... the strange part...Amy N. walked in on my celebratory dream!! Just out of nowhere, what a disappointment, there must be some meaning behind that one! Logan and I had a good laugh about that, he's only met her once and that was enough for him! Why is that? I had a strange friend in her, even days I wish she wasn't my friend, especially when I was working as a cashier circa 1999 and she'd come thru my line and tell me a real bad (dirty) joke so everyone around could hear it...I wanted to sock her one every time she'd done that!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finding Balance

I have been trying to find a balance in life lately. The prospect of us moving again so we can be on the first floor instead of the third is really coming to a consideration because Logan is having such a horrible time making it up and down the stairs. With sciatica and degenerative disk disease the odds are piling up against him. Sleepless nights and waking up screaming in pain...it takes its toll on one's life! Either being the onlooker or himself!! The end of this month we go to a meeting for the Beriatric Surgery which in this hospital he could have his operation sometime after 3 months from this first meeting we attend! Logan finally showed up at a chiropractor and got an adjustment on his back/neck. Logan went a second time to the chiropractor and said that Logan's skeleton isn't holding the adjustment(haven't been to one in over a year), not only is his spine curved and twisted, his hips are also twisted too! Can you imagine?? Since the guy specializes in hands/arms, he took a good look at Logan's hand which was operated on and by the looks of it he said that the doctor may have severed some tendons in Logan's hand which is why he cant roll his thumb in a circular motion! So now we are thinking Logan needs a second opinion about his hand if its true, he may have been victim of medical malpractice! This is Logan's career on the line. He's been unable to play guitar like he used to before the operation and is making ridiculous mistakes that just shouldn't happen with a professional like himself! But he continues to teach and play through it all!

I have been sluggish with work. I'm really blessed I have a career in Nursing, however its getting old and wearing on me, nothing is as it used to be when I first started. I'm just not as happy there as I used to be the morale there is so low, I'm not even so proud to work there. It may be bringing me down with all the other issues swirling around me. I'm now talking to a professional to help me through my grievances.

Since public school has started for the kids, Mertz has been misbehaving badly and Alina has been doing well in school. So the firstborn usually causes the worst trouble, and so indeed its going in that direction, he's not a bad kid, I think he's being controlled by other kids from school bad ideas. All I know is that we don't have cable TV for over a year almost two now, we control what comes into our viewing at home and what gets heard! We are the parents and we accept it as our FIRST JOB above any other and we take it SERIOUSLY unlike some parents!!