Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Bell

Last night I was reading a spiritual book. I was brought to a fullness of emotion so much so that I was weeping so beautiful in its nature. All alone in complete silence by choice, in a large house. The woman I was caring for was sleeping in a room upstairs. I was so absorbed in the book and very clearly a single bell sounded from another room. I believe it came from the very old Grandfather clock that sits quietly and never has it worked or shown signs of working. I tried not to feel scared instead I was trying to keep focused on the moment and not be influenced by what I've seen on TV when such things happen unexplained. I wanted to ask for it to make the noise again, but I couldn't muster up the courage, after all, I was all alone! On the digital clock closest to me it read 9pm when it happened. Whatever it was, I don't really know, another entity of some kind letting me know they were present.... I then turned to write about my experience. I was excited to tell Logan and now I'm sharing it! I have had a handful of experiences like this, it used to be a doll would fall off my headboard (more than once) when I mentioned mom, way back when I still lived at home b/4 I was married, and now this. I regard it as something friendly and positive!

*UPDATE* I found out finally what the bell really was, the dryer in the basement, and it really doesn't sound like a bell I'd hear coming from a dryer!! LOL!! And it doesn't always go off when running the dryer, strange huh?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our pets

Mertz got a fish tank for Christmas and in the following day or two later after setting up the tank, we then picked out the fish. We started out with two types of tropical fish of two of the same kind so that made 4 and then about a week later we got two black "cat fish". Right now they are all getting along. The two catfish swim upside down most of the time, which keeps us laughing! Sometimes they chase each other causing quite the excitement they absolutely haul! These tropical fish are like none than I ever had; they are much more animated and swim or they stay put in the same spot, how they do that I don't know. Another funny aspect of the catfish is we have this odd "conversational" piece in the middle that is a building and over the doorway it reads "The Church of Living Waters"--we got it at a yankee swap 2007--it was a hilarious gift! And now its being put to use as it was intended. The church is surrounded by the fake plants and the catfish either love to hang out inside the church or along its walls or they lounge around in the plant as if sleeping close to the tank floor with their tail and fins resting on the leaves, again unlike any fish I've ever owned, but they are Mertz's fish anyway, but they are all so fun to watch! We make funny jokes like the catfish are some black baptists, the other fish aren't as interested into going inside, occasionally they will they aren't as adventurous as the catfish!