Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Time at our home!

We did something different this year with a new coloring of "eggs". At our house nobody likes to eat the hard boiled eggs except for me. So I figured instead of wasting food, I saw these "eggs" at the grocery store made by "PEEPS" so essentially they taste the same as what peeps are except shaped as eggs and uncolored. Each package came with one gel color, so I bought 3 packs to get the pink, purple, and yellow gel colors. The kids had a great time designing their easter eggs and shared some with Logan and I and with their Memere! I did three designs on my own if you can spot them!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I have been feeling very sick lately since Thursday, I was told I have a virus, but it could be even the flu, still getting over it. To help me get better faster and this wasn't planned, but it happenend anyway, I had my first full body massage Monday! I already had an appointment to go, but I still went but it wasn't as good of a time. Once I turned over to be on my belly it was so tough to breathe because of my congestion overall it was a great massage but I think I'll enjoy it better when I'm feeling myself again.