Monday, September 21, 2009

Halloween video #1
starring our family including the cat
Halloween video #2
starring some relatives and their animal friends

Won't be around long to watch so enjoy it while its up in motion!
Last night we went ghost hunting Logan, myself and his sister and her fiance. I was very nervous. I think Logan's sister likes to be the one who dramatizes the whole experience. I saw and heard nothing but she seemed to be the one drawing in the forces. Somehow I think its all in her head. We did go where it's said to be haunted in Lyndonbough, was quiet. I felt a bit uneasy about it, though, I would like to see some action.
Frankly, I think it is more creepy walking among the living who look close to death down a long darkened hallway on third shift where I used to work with only a few nightlights on....yes I did...yes I was scared but quite brave doing it night after night!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just a quick thought. My work history has always had a pattern almost every where I've worked they have shut down, gone bankrupt. Now I'm in the medical field and with all the government CHANGE its most likely going to affect me!!! What gives?! They are threatening to put unions on all healthcare workers so that it will be easier to make healthcare government run. I just want to scream!!
"How's that CHANGE working out for ya?" love that bumper sticker!
Obama is such a liar and hypocrate and I hope we the people can purge him and all his czars!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today was great! Mertz and Alina seem to be well adjusted to the home school life. I must say that not having to rush around and worry about being 'late for school' is so much better on our family. I really hate to admit that my kids were often late (even if it was even one min over)for school 52 times in the entire year! Good Grief!! We were the attendance monitor's worst case ever! I think, in part, is was at times; me going to bed late after work, and Logan is not a morning person, so it was tough getting up so early in the morning. Most people have day jobs and can get to bed at a decent time, but we have it a bit different in our home. I love working at night and having the sunshine in the daytime to enjoy as I wish! But truth be told, I'm not outdoors much. Today, even though I have been feeling ill, just with a head cold or allergies or something, the kids and I after two hours of school, we went for a bike ride around the city to hunt down a book the kids are to read and unfortunately, we came home empty-handed, the library didn't even have it! I had to make a request to get it sent in. We came home with some new material of DVD's the kids can watch in their free time among them was the 'old school cartoon' "Aquaman" and after their schooling was done, they sat and enjoyed the toons!! I am pretty tickled to be around the kids all day, they are being quite obedient and focused that I have no complaints. At home they learn things more efficiently overall, there is less distractions, except for the kitty cat, but no bullies or clowns that make learning almost impossible! Well, I do have to admit my kids ARE clowns, but they are just your average kid who are fortunate to have goofy parents that aren't afraid to laugh at farts, silly jokes, and parody songs we make up for each other--(things banned in schools otherwise) and no laughing "aloud" (that is such a bad pun!!lol) Today Logan had a good laugh with the kids I could hear them all the way from the basement where I do laundry, from the second floor! All the laughing made me smile, and thought, 'what precious moments we are enjoying by homeschooling!!!' As I found out when I returned upstairs, it was a song about me, nothing disrespectful, just plain genius! I then burst out laughing myself! And then the gears gently switch to seriousness after it is apparent things are all good and school returns back in motion. The freedom to teach what my kids are going to learn is so liberating and fantastic outside the set subjects there are other lessons to teach. I'm very excited about it as they are older and as they grow older and understand more about life, how enriching these times feel!! I'm happier and therefore they are happy too!! Was just one of the days where you're glad to be alive and everything is aligned in such a way that I was fully content. It doesn't get better than this! Well, I do hope my sinus pressure and congestion in my head will disappear so I can stop feeling dizzy when I get up or turn my head n such.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New in September

We have a connection at home, yay!!! We have also decided that we are Home Schooling the kids. Believe it when I say, they begged us all summer to be home schooled. After we spent the entire summer contemplating it and all, we have taken on the task once again. I have to say that Logan is a better teacher than I am, I try but I get too nit-picky about things, and Logan is more straightforward and has a better way than I do. We started yesterday and have changed the routine around here, school starts at 9am and we go till about 1, having lunch break and getting outside to the park across the street to run around, or in the yard, whichever, but Mertz likes to get his scooter out and make his rounds around the park on it. Can't do that at school.
Switching subjects; I have gotten in touch with my old childhood friend, Amy after many years of no contact. I have seen a lot of change in her and of course in many ways she's still the same goofball, but as a mother of 3, she has done a lot of growing up; haven't we all? We as a whole, have hit it off! The kids all get along, she has a son, 11 yrs old and two daughters 9 and 8. Logan and Amy also have hit it off which is very cool! We can all hang out together and have an equally nice time. Debbie, her mom, also adores Logan, one of the few of Amy's friends that she likes, so that is a bonus. Amy and kids live at home with her mom so its hard not to run into her mom if and when she's not working. Getting along with the 'mother hen' is indeed essential if we are hanging around. The other good news is that Amy has been wanting to find a church to attend for her and kids to be a part of, and she's made her choice, after attending many churches, she likes the church we go to (St. Andrews Episcopal Church) on the West side. Already she is planning for her kids to be baptized in the near future and has asked Logan and I to be the Godparents! Its special to know she would have us as her kid's godparents. I never would have imagined!