Friday, January 25, 2008

The Good and Bad

Well do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first?
Well the GOOD News is (lets start out positive) Mertz had a birthday party on Saturday which he only wanted boys who knew each other, (excluding cousins) from his class (sorry fam) with the exception of a girl he likes to call her by some other name (no not girlfriend) oh it slipped my mind for a minute, "Colt" he calls her. It was a successful birthday party, small as far as who came vs. how many he invited but it was as the kids who came who said "the best birthday party they've ever been to!" WOW!! Thanks for THAT! The theme was based on his now beloved game, POKEMON. We played a Pokemon Bingo Game that was a huge hit (I made the game myself) we had a Pokemon match game, and another game really without a name but we had prizes and much fun!! Alina was at her friend's house doing GIRLY stuff in the meantime, where she and her friend did manecures, makeup and pedicures and so on. It was a perfect day on Saturday Mertz got what he wanted (no sister) and Alina got what she wanted (NO brother)time with her friend!! Sunday Alina had her friend come with us to church the girl is really interested in coming every Sunday so that's nice! Monday was the day where the BAD NEWs comes. Logan was off to work and never showed up! I, for the first time wasn't worried, it was odd cause normally I would have worried, but his work called me three times and I thought he should have been there by now...maybe, I was thinking to myself, he stopped for a bite to eat or something harmless like that....but no....our Van caught on fire on the way up to Manchester, in Merrimack on the highway!!!! It was not a long lasting fire, however our van is S.O.L. or can I say TOAST!! What a catastrophie when I heard the news. The fire really didn't last long however it caused the engine and all sorts of underneath stuff to go in an unworking conditon, the body and interior went unharmed....What a F-n shame!! We're really blessed though that nobody was hurt, except Logan's back took a beating cause he had to walk home for 5miles--he didn't have the cell phone, and don't ask me why the heck he didn't stop to use a phone in a business on the way????....."dummy" or "too proud" is alll I have to say about that. So we have no working vehicle right now, and we have two cars but they are both in unregistered, and unworking condition. So walking for me has increased, getting rides to work and so forth have been needed, and my shopping has slowed! Life has got to get better than this!!!!!! The one car we may have fixed is so small it barely fits anything in it!! We really need a van/Truck with the loads of equiptment Logan hulls around or things I need to take out of storage or put in storage....ULLLLL! Frustrated is an understatement!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Not so Quiet Nights

Just quickly, I was home last night sleeping and Logan was in a load of pain as he has been for two months and maybe even longer if it isn't his tooth its been his hand and if it isn't his hand it is his back and then its a pain that runs down his leg (siatica) some 10+ on the pain meter to the point where he's screaming just about all thru the day/night whenever he's got to move. But lets admit hahaha all men are babies when they are sick-I should know I work with a good deal of em! But seriously, laying in the bed only gets so far and then he moves to the floor in the living room (cause we don't have a large couch) and on and on he moves thru the rooms finding a comfortable way to lay down or one place isn't working out for an entire night that moving is a must. The horrific pains he expresses has waken Mertz in the middle of the night and at a few times he has run to Logan's yells to rub his back, talk about love!! I feel so helpless knowing there's nothing that I can really do except encourage to see the chiropractor or doctor (besides a backrub) to calm his pain; but with a young son with compassion that runs in his veins like the air we breathe makes me so proud!
I haven't been doing much lately besides playing with the kids and tending to the hubby like I feel like work continues even after I get home from work--sometimes I feel like I need to keep my scrubs on thru the day!! You will see on my page here I added a link to getting kids organized....AHHhh this has worked wonders in the past week since I discovered it and my kids are eating it up like crazy. A woman who professes to come by the kids room to check if its clean! I haven't been very successful at teaching the kids to keep their room clean, its close to impossible to ride them each and every day with it and some days its been so bad nobody wants to enter that room and after finding the House Fairy things have changed tremendously. I was showing Alina the videos and she really has fallen in love with the House Fairy and on the first night before I went to work and before she went to bed she cleaned up her room without a hassle or a fuss which is totally a transfomation it was an Alina I hadn't seen before! She went about cleaning like it was her favoriate thing to do! Not SO! But she did it willingly and as promised, the House Fairy dropped by a suprise! She and Mertz have kept their room very decent since that four nights ago. And I tell you, it has always been a struggle with them to clean up their messy messy room. We are eager waiting to hear back from House Fairy since we signed up to join so we can get all the fun stuff..let's hope things can stay this way all year!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I really dont think I should have called this site the "Family" site cause its mostly about what I want to say and not so much about what Logan cares to read about or add to. Hes not into blogging nor does it excite him to read what I have posted about our family. He's just a low laying kind of person who doesn't get all mushy over things. So he's a real man! He is really someone people want to be around with his boisterous personality but he is very much a homebody and likes to be home with the family and play with his kids and occassionally he goes to his sisters and meet up with the "GAY" nephews who are not at all gay but love to pick on that sort of thing--don't ask cause its beeen a long running joke for years and years.
In our home its unlike us to be all about the latest fad instead spend time as a family teaching the kids what is important, like developing talents or being with family and playing but also keeping a close focus on what is good. The kids understand sacrifice and bending for someone elses needs as Logan and I often do for each other and within our family. We teach them about what we value and believe most of all is to value each other and then they have learned to value themselves and learn to stand up for themself. There are times and moments in our home that are distain and off key but it keeps life interesting and gives us a chance to look at what went wrong and come together again with an attitude of change. Well gotta go do something for the family now