Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hostess and on Vacation

I have been away for a while as I have been on the go! I have to start by thanking my sister and her family for helping me out tremendously with my getting things ready for Matt and Suzie from England to arrive. I was overwhelmed but have realized that sometimes one person cannot do it all but with the help of others it can become easier. I was humbled and very much appreciative of the support.

After the cleanup Matt and Suzie arrived and the home was warm and welcoming. We had many laughs and many jokes that never ceased! I think my favorite times were when Matt sang my name in a sing-song way LeeeeaAHH Whaha ha ha ha ha! The kids would chime in with Matt and I got the kids singing it but I don't think I got Matt on video singing it, it was more of a wake-up call when I was sleeping while during the day cause I still did work while they were here. Then Matt also in a opera deep stern voice make his wife's and my name sound again quite funny. SUZ-ANNE..LEE-AH.. it was cracking us up! Logan was coined "the one with the bad back" I don't even want to say what my name was as it pertained to my nurse job.... I laughed none the less! We visited the Salem witch museum and was disappointed that we spent $8 per person on something quite lame, so that became a joke, that the 'witches' were onto us! So basically anything that happend "bad" it was the witches fault and Suzanne and Matt or Logan and I would point it out by talking in a witch voice saying "the witches are ..." it was always a good way to overcome the situation at hand. Also Matt has a second identity he calls (English) Horse and Logan jumped on it back in England and named himself American Horse and the wives are the Ponies I being (American) Pony and Suzanne (English) Pony and that was another way of referring to one another. Mertz took guitar more seriously as he had a lesson with Matt. Matt taught him the beginning of the James Bond theme and another Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. There's something about having someone other than Pa teach guitar that makes Mertz want to do it more seriously. Alina got along with the sillyness of the pair but kept to her shy self! Then concerts at the end of the week of their stay came quickly and the kids had sleepovers and I was helped tremedously again by family. I was saddend when our friends had to go as we are still talking about moving to England so that it may happen in this lifetime!!

Next onto our Vacation. I had some good days and I had some bad days on our vacation to disney. It was frustrating from the moment we met our new rental car. Our luggage and wheelchair didn't all fit so we had to ask for some help. And we had to have more help dragging it all. I was lucky that we weren't alone on this trip otherwise I certainly would have needed a vacation from the vacation, although it came pretty close to feeling that way as it was! I gave Logan my all, and my worst. I started off being a poor wheelchair driver and dealing with a "backseat" driver having him tell me to watch out from this or that or let everyone go in front even though we had more of the right of isn't easy stopping on a dime with a heavy fella you use the same muscles going as you do stopping. My job has tons of wheelchairs but mind you its not as crowded as Disney nor are there hills at work to meander on. So I thought wheelchairs were fine for the trip! HA! I was also frustrated with the wheelchair's front wheels not going straight so when it was time to go it wouldn't! Frustrated as I was, I was determined to keep my cool, but I admit I lost it a few times in the heat with a chair that wouldn't go and a husband that criticized my driving, it was a making for a bad time. My daughter then lost her purse, we almost lost Mertz, we didn't have a road map the night we took a wrong turn in Florida, a few days later I helped a woman which in my moment of chaos was able to pause and see that I needed to help her in her time of need-she was alone at Disney looking for the Pirates of the Carrabean, later, we found Alina's purse, we used the motorized scooters which ended up being better for me, Mertz was not lost, we were there for one of our family members who needed our help, we enjoyed eating at the Golden Corral with our big family! Things started to come together and I was then able to feel like I was on vacation after all! We headed back for the airport escaping a tropical storm-what timing! Hopefully after Logan's operation his back won't be as painful for him and we can go on living putting all the wheelchairs behind us!!