Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Rest of the family

So I've been hogging all the blogs here with all my health issues. So whats next? The kids are in the public school system right now and let me just say that its what we expected but less than a pleasure. Its a convenience for me so that I can sleep better in the daytime but still I'm finding myself taking more time to do other things rather than sleep which isn't all great. TeMPting to do dishes and housework when there are no little feet scurring around me. Mertz is adjusting to the rules, and his teacher seems to be bothered by his antics/playful/socializing behavior. Not all is well there but we're hoping things will smooth out. Alina is thriving in her class, reading very well and being a social butterfly making all sorts of new friends. One of which we just invited to our ward's Trunk or Treat and the girls had a blast!! Logan has several nights/late afternoons where he teaches all over in various destinations but mostly at the music school. He is concertizing with his guitar x-professor friend, doing house concerts where he gets to play for a intimate small crowd (!me included!) and then end with a delicious meal that the hostess(es) have cooked and some great laughter with people we've met for the first time or with friends!! After November 9th Logan will be undergoing carpel tunnel surgery! He's been suffering from it for a while now and has let it come this far after our trip in August and the concert that was long ago planned for November 9th which was booked back in the summer. So this will put Logan in some relief but also he will have to rest from playing the guitar for a time. The docotor says that he may not be fully healed in even a years time, thats a long time.... Still he was to go for the other big surgery and needs to locate a hospital in MA to do that. Logan and I are in the process of downsizing (as if we haven't downsized enough) so our plans for England are coming to and we are selling off most of our possessions too big to take with us overseas except the items that we absolutely need to have or things that have sentimental value and cant replace. So far our plans are that in the first full week in August our hosts from England will come to NH with playing opportuinites that Logan will set up for them, then it looks like two weeks after that, Logan and Mertz will take on flat hunting in Sidcup while Alina and I finish off the details of moving and we will meet them hopefully in our new pad. August looks pretty busy for me!!! Just for all those who are worried about Logan not having a looks like this. Our friend Matt has 80 students this school year and that's a full 40hr work week and he's already had to turn away 40 more students inquiring to have lessons and he says the calls keep on coming. Logan only wishes he had 40 students in NH and not to mention the pay is so much better in England-in fact double the pay compared to here, its just right and thats only half of it! Logan is anxious to get there, and I told him maybe it would be better if he just went to England and set us up, say after the holidays but we don't know if we could be apart so long like that but I feel it would be more or less of a rush for ME... there is so much to get done and to do.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The tests

Well, I need to update the situation that's been going on. I went a couple weeks ago to the doctors and it WASNT my blood sugar that was high, in fact it was within normal. The number that was high was my cholesterol hence the fish oil! So we can rule out that I don't have diabetes---but my cholesterol is a heads up for diabetes, but is something I can work on. Has any of my siblings here gone fasting for 12 hours and found that they have dyslipodemia or experience high triglyceriedes?? My doctor said this was unusual for my age. Working on my weight has included walking to the kids' school (in the afternoon only) and home with them on average 4 days a week and that's almost 2 miles a day and notice that my leg isn't hurting much at all anymore.. I have up till January to get my cholesterol under good numbers (that means less pies and goodies) and if not then I may go on some medications.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Part 2: My poor left Leg

I have a bit more information. I had some lab work done and they found my blood sugar was high after fasting for 12hours (I should have asked for my number seeing I'm in nursing and know a bit about this stuff, duh!). The doctor wants to see me early next week to talk about medications. I was directed that I'm to start eating low carb, sugar free foods, and I'm told also to take fish oil pills (oh that sounds gross)next they'll be telling me to take shark cartilage (gag).
Okay are you thinking what I'm thinking: High blood sugar on a fast, sugar free/low carb diet, hmmmm something tells me I've got diabetes. But however this isn't exactly what they have told me YET but this is what I'm almost sure of! My leg isn't hurting so much as before, if at all, weird... I'm certainly disappointed of the clues that point in that direction. I walk about 4miles a week or more but with my leg bothering me its been a bit painful to exercise, and being tired, it doesn't help to want to get going. That's all.
P.S. here is a picture of me at England's Hever Castle around in the garden