Saturday, February 28, 2009

After a couple of years we've decided it's time for a move again, closer to our jobs! It was a couple of years deciding against moving but considering it but didn't. We have halted all plans to go to England, it certainly will happen someday but apparently not now! We are moving back to our roots where we started out as a family, Manchester, good old Manch. We looked at an apartment where we'll be saving money, but unfortunately its not at all the best area of town, though all too familiar! Just 4 blocks from where we used to live before we moved to Keene! I want to live in another apartment that we saw an ad for but its been a hit or miss with the landlord, we get talking on the phone, and suddenly he cancels at the last moment. Knowing the location is nice, its quiet, and welcoming, much sweeter than the one we did get a chance to look at I'm quite disappointed. Unfortunately, we want to move pronto since we cannot really afford it in Nashua with the down turn Logan's work has taken! Frustrating as home seeking is, I know we have to do this! I really want the best for us, but some reason it feels like the best is out of my reach and that I'm getting 3rd class even though we are smart, intelligent, and wonderful people! But as most people will say, 'life is what you make of it'. So I'm sad, sad that we are doing so much yet not enough to pass the success of making it to England where a better life would be made if we could just get there! We've never asked for a lot, we just hope to make a living and make that living comfortable.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Studying the Earth and History

So some books I've been introduced to reading about Earth/world history that's totally not mainstream, more like alternative history backed with factual info that is fascinating! One ginormous book is called "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P Hall which is "an encyclopedic outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian symbolical philosophy being an interpretation of the secret teachings concealed within the ritual, allegories and mysteries of all ages" this book is huge in size and has very small print, some things I'm so blown away by, information that is deep and vast, this could take a lifetime to study all of its contents! From time to time, I get reading some and let it absorb me!
Another book I have begun to read is the "Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark" by Laurence Gardner, so far it is shedding light on things in the bible that I'd not thought too much about that have been studied and researched in depth by the author and is quite enlightening even on a scientific level!
Okay you thought I was done with the book listings, nope, think again! I have begun reading "The End of Eden-The Comet that Changed Civilization" by Graham Phillips, again another book that explains a few wonders of the world such as Stonehenge to be specific, things that we never learned in school or church!
As you all know, I have changed out from the Mormon beliefs and really stretched my mind wide open for what else I'm to learn! Just to set the record, I still do respect you (though I differ to agree with the doctrine); you are who you are and in that, it makes YoU happy, and I hope for me, between us, things won't change much. In fact, I hope we can get together more since I am not strapped to any meetings, wow, what a relief in that alone! I hope that in time you can understand even though I may have a different path I walk I am LOVING, CARING and GRACIOUS and thankful each day for all the less traveled roads that have led me here, and I love life! I love you!