Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I recently found out that our laptop is going to have to be rebooted, wipe the slate clean of all the goodies we had and maybe I'll get lucky that we can sweep off some of our pictures and files with a jump drive before getting everything clean again...I will have to get in the habit of defragmenting files. Don't really know if that's how it got so bad, 4 sectors(?) are saying they are bad on the hard drive according to my friend. All I know is it is sad that I can't post pictures like I want to when I want to.
This weekend was Summer weather in NH! We went to Al and Kim's house to have a nice cookout, though Logan left our sausages on the grill too long...talking too much with Al, and burnt the outer part of the sausage, who likes burnt sausage? We ate it anyway and the steak Al cooked was very yummy, even the kids were asking for seconds and thirds. I had some really good Mike's Hard Apple Cider drinks, I had some Rum that ooohh was soooo smooth. Initially I had bought the rum for a dessert cake I was going to make for Easter, but instead I decided to drink it and have some fun. I found my limit as I was getting a bit giddy and stopped drinking for a while. I don't want to look like a complete fool in front of the kids and I didn't. After that I stuck to soda and milk.
Easter Sunday the kids helped out with the mass. Mertz was a candle bearer, Alina the book of the Gospel she carried and held for the Pastor. I made the dress Alina wore. We served Easter Lunch where my Dad, Eleanor, and Logan's folks and his Brother came and enjoyed the feast we put on! The food was excellent, the desserts were to die for, and the company was very content and we all enjoyed each other and their company, no one left out, even the kids were enjoying the company of the older folks. What I love about it is I can be myself and not have to sit in a corner with barely any conversation with anyone, here its all out and everyone is chatting!!