Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice Ice Ice Everywhere

Fortunately we are safe and sound, heat, electricity and everything is running for us. However there are many in my state who didn't get so lucky! A highway, my dad said, was closed for most of the day cause trees fell and trapped even the biggest rigs along the highway. Power is out and won't be fixed for even perhaps a week for some! My dad's roof got hit with a fallen (huge) tree branch! Good Grief life is hitting him hard these days, as with most people. I'm praying for some kind of end in sight. I'm laughing my head off watching "Little Britain" Laughing like crazy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Our offical papers came in the mail saying we are no longer members of the Mormon church. No lightening bolt hit me dead, imagine that! The feeling I have to live a decent life and never be cut down again is already wonderful. I won't be that "number" rather I can now be a person and serve the way I want to serve and not feel like I'm only doing it cause I have to as a part of some larger pretense. I've been sick of living in my hometown/homestate and live around an "out west" mentality, cause if I was from my own place it didn't matter, I wasn't good enough to be part of the built-in friendships. Everyone who lived in UT and moved to my homestate always stayed with their own kind and as the native of my homestate never felt like a part of that mold. I can now hang out with my own and feel a sense of pride of my heratige of my very own community of which I was brought up! I'm helping the poor, hungry just because I know its the Christian thing to do and cause there are hungry and poor out there that need my help, that's it! I don't have to answer any silly questions later about myself even if I should just be trusted, and many even lie about their life's work....its just wrong. I have a sister in law who has been prohibited from getting sealed in the temple because of her "file" from a few years ago even after she'd been thru a bishops court. I won't be a project, won't that be dandy! Once our names are off the charts, we have freedoms and that includes no more people stopping by to "check up" on us. That's great!


I'm MAD. Holy cow what a crazy few days its been around the US of A. Okay so I hear on talk radio this morning Glen Beck talking about the woman who got trampled in a WalMart and who afterwards had a miscarriage, that's just unwarranted! Secondly, Glen B. was praising the guy who died trying to save that very woman's life! Glen was all so glad for the guy; he called it good news!! AND he'd be getting a big welcome at the pearly gates for such a good deed! Glen just rubbed me the wrong way when he said "the good thing only one life was taken (on black friday)" AHHHH!!! The death of a human (or two if counting the unborn) is at ALL EVEN A GOOD THING? over a SALE????? I'm discusted that even ONE life was lost, these things shouldn't happen over a sale of the flatscreen or the next gamebox! Material things just aren't worth losing a life over and to be trampled to death by! I have a severe problem with accepting this kind of thinking. I am outraged! I had to turn off the radio. Another crazy thing I saw on the news is people giving up their guns for plastic! WTF??? Guns are a tool. Where are these people's brains? Guns are being handed over just so that the past gun owner can get holiday shopping money. I've never heard of such a thing. We are as americans willing to give up our right to bear arms over shopping for the holidays. My second amendment right will always be my pride and joy. I'll die first if ever anyone were to come and take away that god-given right to be my own protector. I have freedom and personal protection from the use of my beautiful tool! And people want to give their guns up again over some materiel possession. I am just shocked, utterly friggen shocked.