Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Video
and series of videos has been on my mind and this is as serious as a heart attack I feel we have to somehow as Americans have to WAKE UP and GET INVOLVED cause otherwise have extinction to what we are familiar with and what we know to be America. I believe in :live free or die: and am so enlightened by this video I had to share it to help educate anyone that I can!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I just finished a nice grilled ham and cheese sandwich, how luscious and some crunchy carrots on the side. While I'm still going to the gym, I've lost only a few pounds. I think I need to pay more attention to the foods that I'm eating. Lately I've been eating out just to save me time, but if I planned out my day a bit better, I may have not have ate McD's or Taco bell or D'Angelo's or Pappy's Pizza. I'm a lover of the chicken, spinach, and Feta cheese calzone! I need to make some of that in my own kitchen! I'm also listening to some great music, its not mainstream, but its for meditation, and can even make for an at home great romantic dinner music. It has the quieting of the mind appeal which helps me to think "calm" in this worry-filled mind of mine;
"Only Reflection" by Aeoliah
"Loving Touch" "Waves of Light" "Journey into Light" by Deuter
I listen and find them on where I can look them up and make a playlist and play the songs off the computer which is free to all (I even have great 80's songs on another playlist collection, so whatever mood I'm in I pick it and play) and it plays in my living room and ...Oh no, I just realized I left something in the oven for too long!!! I have just rescued my garlic bread, a bit crunchy...but not burnt! Anyways, my relaxing music shuts out the world and lets me focus on what is. I feel lifted and renewed, even now as I'm listening to it. I feel like a little nap right now, on my only day off for about 5 days!

Friday, March 6, 2009

After having a ridiculous conversation with a landlord to be, we're now unsure if we're going to be moving after all! These guys that we've been dealing with expect that without a move-in date that we're going to shut down our utilities in our current place before we move to the new apartment! And that 'it can take a week' to change over! I guess they think we are so new to this...and we say, no way, not so fast! Like I mentioned before we've yet to sign any papers, and until we do, nothing is final and nothing going to be transferred, such as the utilities, they can go pound sand! URGHH, the nerve of these guys! AND they are still listing the property even after they told us we've got it?! And if I search the address there's about 20 postings over a couple weeks time and the price of it varies between 50-60 dollars, so what's the rent anyways, they keep changing it! I feel like we're being scammed with these guys, things are just not normal, usually once the landlord says 'we'll take you' they give a move in date or ask when we'd like to move in, we sign papers and we go on our merry way to move...these guys say, 'you have the place, we need some copies of your pay stubs and driver's licenses and we'll get back to you in a couple of days' I mean what is that?? I just want to get on with the move if its going to happen, if not, than its back to looking again or we just stay put in Nashua.
Other than that life is always surprising us, or is it? I seem to know when something bad is going to happen, and the brakes on our van went completely the snowstorm before last, and I dangerously drove home on the e brake, the weather was a big help since not too many people were on the road at 11:30 at night and I slid 'cause it was snowing' yeah right, actually, my brakes were down to nothing, and that's just the truth, I put my foot all the way down to the floor and there's no brakes and the van still going, it was a miracle I got home surviving...there were a couple intersections I had to maneuver my good driving skills to stop even the E brake was having a difficult time! I am a tough cookie, lets see, in my driving experience I've driven in a heavy downpour rain storm with broken windshield wipers (we're talking no motor for the mechanism) for about 2 miles, and now I've driven with absolutely no brakes, I have been deviant In my adult life I've learned, sometimes you've got to do what you have to do and live dangerously! I've been an outlaw!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I think I mentioned in my last post that we're looking to be moving back into Manchester. We looked at two places that we can afford, the first one that we saw was near our old apartment, in a crummy neighborhood, and well, the second we saw, which was our first choice, finally got back to us after playing phone tag, though the floor plan is very strange and uncommon, we much prefer the location and some of the extras that we will be getting, washer/dryer hook-ups, basement, fenced in yard to name a few...we also can have a cat, and that lights up Alina's face, and the school they would go to is one of the best in the city! The pros outweigh the cons in so many ways! The papers aren't yet signed and no moolah has been exchanged so it's not totally official yet, but we're getting there! We've filled out an application and were accepted and he'll be getting back to us in a few days. The floor plan is unlikable to many, but we are really going to have to be on one end of the house (front entrance) the landlord said that room would be a bedroom, no closet there, the next room (all doorways on the left side of the room, with a door) you walk next into what would be another bedroom (two closets) and the next room is the so-called living room with a kitchen in the next room and a bathroom off of the living room, there is no hallway just room to room to room and there's a back door out the kitchen, which isn't even big enough to fit a table, and the cabinet space is very little and speaking of little the stove/oven combo is mini too, however, there's a basement the full length of the apartment. We think we'll be making the front room to the living room, unfortunately peeps would have to walk thru the consecutive bedrooms to get to the bathroom and/or kitchen (or walk into a bedroom at the front door??), see my dilemma? so we're going to have to be creative, I'll say it again, a bad layout. I'm thinking of using 3 panel room dividers to make it work!