Thursday, November 22, 2007

Talk Radio

Listening to talk radio lately here and there. I love listening to Laura Ingram she is so real and upfront with the listener, I love her! Then I was listening to Micheal Graham I love it that he lovingly calls his wife "The Warden"! I get it, even though he says most of the married women who listen to his show ask him why he calls her that.... Perhaps I'm also a warden and admit it most women dont admit to their ways! There are other names for us like the "CEO" :ball and chain: oh there are much more but my fav. is the warden!!! HAahhaha. Don't get me wrong I love my role as a wife but sometimes you men out there are a bit childish, foolish,etc. that you need a (((good eyeing))) once in a while. I used to listen to Laura Schlessinger who has the answers for lifes hardest questions about doing the right thing in very difficult situations, dealing with human relationships and so forth. I miss that. I have no idea when she airs around here. Also used to listen to Rush Limbaugh, with Logan, but he's a bit off these days in his thinking and doesn't always give good information anymore like he used to. Laura Ingram has a coulple of books out I'd like to buy and read she has a load of truth when it comes to our nations deeper problems that the mainstream media ignores! When I thought I have seen and heard it all, it comes more clear to me after being an active thinker in politics with knowledgeable people; that I truly need to search deeper and think always for myself with information presented, and help lead my family in paths that are rich in good causes and steering clear of trechourous ones with evil adgendas. I used to not understand politics and thought 'who the heck cares', which is most of the way we think nowadays--truly admit, I didn't want to understand it it seemed so complex (and it is) but it wasn't until Logan kept listening to talk radio that I discovered what it is we need to understand about it one thing is for sure--we don't trust our polititans we don't like the things they do or what they have become or even stand for over the past many decades but long ago it was very different...anyhow, they are the ones who are going to either make or break our lives because ultimately they do get in the way of our lives when we see they have gone too far! Why does Massachussetts for instance now force the people to have health insurance by the end of 2007?? Why in California they no longer have the right to bear arms?? Why does the government have to be so heavliy a part of our lives?? I just want to live without them knowing everything or making me do or not do something that I don't see or do see as a must-have--Why? so that they can have more power over me?? It is now a bit of slavery, is it not?? They are keeping us busy so they can get more of what they want out of us, even our entire belongings--I know this idea sounds far fetched but stick around a while and ours won't be ours anymore. So I sound a bit whacked, but its maddening how people go about their day not caring that we are a part of a messed up government that doesn't know where to stop getting their nose out of our private affairs--even buisnesses are doing bad business and yet we sit and smile while we get air blown up our skirts how **great** this country is....... Anyways just had to spill the feelings of my recent thoughts accumulated over the past ten years and the ideas I have developed or even the feelings I have come to realize and wow have I come out of a new shell with this, feeling a bit more complete about the nation I currently live in.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Just writing in my joys and trials

Well before I had gone to the doctors I was weighing myself at work here and there on the scale. Well I reached the highest weight at ??? (sorry,not going to share that horrific #) but anyways I've lost 5lbs! Walking and watching my intake in the aspects of carbs and portion size and only eating when I feel hungry and not reaching above the number 8 of fullness. I was reading an article the other day on healthy eating habits and it said focus on your hunger level. Zero is hunger pains or empty stomach, 3 was about minimally hungry, 5 was a satisfactory number and pushing into 678 was of course a fuller and fuller feeling and well 10 was about the way you'd feel after eating EVERYTHING big portions at a thanksgiving meal and dessert with the need to release your waistband!!!! Haha! So I'm setting my numbers on that scale and hope to continue to have a bit of control and knowing when I'm actually hungry rather than eating out of an emotional or boredom fill.... So I"m really trying to set my goals realistically and hope to keep up the walking even on the brisk cold days. So Thanksgiving I plan on keeping to my favorites and smaller portions than ever, and keep the day light as I will have just worked the night and going to work the night of Thanksgiving...whoa tough days of travel. We are keeping up with tradition of going to Chichester with family there.
Coming next month will be a more steady schedule for work. They offered me a Tues-Friday night schedule with Sat-Mon OFF! That means a bit more time together as a family on the weekends and not having to work with certain people I don't particularly like to work with on the Sat-Mon shifts. I am losing one day of pay but am still considered full-time and right now I need less of a flip flopping schedule and I don't have to work weekends anymore!!!! Fridays are really considered a weekend night to work so I won't be missing on the weekend pay differential-phew! So I'm hoping things will be good and work out for me in the long run.

So this week has been a week from hell!
Logan went and had carpel tunnel release surgery on his left hand on Tuesday. It went well. He was very nervous although he hopes to be back playing the guitar in a few months! The operation was quite quick. The few days leading up to the operation, Logan had a tooth that was dead and the littlest bit of disturbance was a major pain. The operation with his wrist seemed like nothing but his tooth was what bothered him in the most extreme way the next day on Wednesday that he couldn't stand it anymore. The dentist was able to take him that day and they ended up pulling it out, but it wasn't as easy as that! It was a tooth that had been filled once before but it had become so brittle that when this dentist tried to extract it it broke into many pieces and had to dig for the whole tooths roots which led to 2 hours of oral surgery (more than just a simple tooth pulling)!! So two days (back to back) of surgery; more than I think the body can withstand but he's been recovering and still feeling like he got into a boxing match, and his wrist is feeling just fine with a few pangs of pain here and there if he moves it the wrong way. Well its time for me to go lie down before I go off to work tonight.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Where is this counry headed?

So I'm looking at the headlines,, non mainstream newscasting and what do I see? Some things are probably on the mainstream but they don't always get the truth out. For example the US dollar bill is losing its worth. That may not mean anything but it does in a huge way! We soon are becoming dependant on other countries for our goods like China for instance who wants to kill our kids with their lead poisoning paints on the toys children are playing with. Haven't bought my kids toys in months and neither are they the Dora explorer or other toys mentioned. MY kids play with other toys other than mentioned in the recalls. So thats one thing that worries me about our country. Another thing is that dollar bill. We soon will be paying so much more for the goods coming from foriegn countries and with the worth of our money isn't going to give us much spending power now is it? Seeing moving to England is one of the things we are doing it looks like the longer we wait the more money its going to cost us to get there if the dollar keeps dropping. In August when we went it was almost an even 1BP:2US Dollar, now its working its way down to $2.50 to 1 BP!! Thats outrageous! This is a step toward a major depression! And gas prices hit a high in CA at $5/gallon. Logan's dad works for the Mobile company and he saw in NH at the Canada /NH border a station costing $4/gallon. Most of the gas stations are creeping up to $3/gallon again!! Things aren't getting better in my pocket, I'm not getting paid more for the rise of the costs, the ratio of cost of living to my pay and many others like me aren't equivical, in fact much less! Our big government is much to blame and please if you are going to vote, Ron Paul is the way to go! He supports the constitution, where others are failing to recognize it anymore, the sign of the last days anyway...I hate to say it but I'm just not feeling proud to be American if we keep letting in illegals in and giving them all the benefits as a citizen and better cause they don't pay taxes in the way that we do as legals. URGH!!