Sunday, February 3, 2008

God is Mindful of Me

Sunday, January 27th my Mertz was Baptized!! It was a wonderful experiance for all who attended. The talk on Baptisim was chosen by Mertz given by "Master" Rob aka Uncle Rob. And the talk on the Holy Ghost was also chosen by Mertz, Memere who gave a wonderful visual presentation on the Holy Ghost. Logan gave quite a choked up expression when he baptized Mertz, and he conferred upon Mertz the Gift of the Holy Ghost. As our bishopric member noted that he always feels the spirit in a baptisim and it was a very interesting night because it was also the night that our Prophet for so many years died, Gordon B. Hinkley. Now I don't want to look at it as a bad thing, its a time to remember for sure! The same time Logan and I were going thru some tough times, we were still without a car, but on our way to getting one fixed that we haven't used in a while. That night a blessing happened after the baptism we almost didn't get home but said we had no ride if Suzanne had left us. That stirred my siblings to wonder what I was talking about. The next few hours would tell the story. Soon after we got home my brother called and told us he had a car available to us. He was getting ready to sell it and knowing that our van passed away, he was willing to make a sacrafice to me and my family! I was so grateful! The next day, my father came to get me and we went together to get the car. The Tarus Wagon was what I had in mind for our needs! The other car we own that is unfixed at the moment, is too small for us for travelling as a family with a guitar! The guitars Logan owns are like one of the family. Also the newish car (to us) was able to transport an amp for Logan, the little car wouldn't have trekked it without a trailer hahahaha! Its only a two door and fitting something that stands about 2 3/4 ft tall square just wont cut it! Blessings have poured over us in many ways this month--even that Logan was kept safe when our van was up in smoke. My eyes have been more open to see my blessings lately and I'm counting them and trying to be a better person to know that God is looking after me thru his servants upon the land in which I live! Again I am truly grateful to my Ward and my Family for helping us out in a huge way!